Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Today I have been a little crafty, finally made this card for Lillie it's her 5th birthday tomorrow she is a huge Mcfly fan (as am I) and I have had the 3d sheet for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity to make it up. The stars represent the bands Top5 hit 'Star Girl' not bad huh?!
I also tried something a little different using old scratched cd's, I made these name plaque's for the girls
I had seen the idea done as door hangers, but the girls share a room so thought a name plaque each would be nice to hang near their beds! I am delighted with them and the girls think they are fab, I'm already thinking who I can make some for, my nephews are top of the list at the moment LOL!!
Had to take Lillie up to the High School this afternoon/evening for show rehearsals, I can't see it coming together, but I am sure she knows what she is doing!? Matthew has finally come round to the 'side of stage' helpers job, and I have put my name down to help with the raffle even though I am watching both performances I thought I had to do my bit.
Couple of piccie's to make you smile to finish with, I bought a tiny little party hat yesterday when I went shopping, perfect for the guinnea pigs LOL 1st piccie is Candy modelling the latest fashion in piggie wear bless her she is sooooo..... placid she doesn't mind what you do with her, 2nd piccie is Stripes who is a bit more aware that something strange is going on, but still up for a pose LOL!!

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