Friday, 18 January 2008

Today I just 'can't be bothered' to do anything.
I have blog surfed for inspiration, and nothing, not that I haven't seen many wonderful creations they just have triggered the 'want' to have a go!!
So apart from the school runs, a quick trip round the supermarket, the housework, and making dinner and tea, that's it!
Yesterday was a far more productive day, I made Lillie's 'thank you' cards for her school friends who gave her birthday presents. Nothing too taxing just simple, I had some teeny envelopes from a couple of boxes of christmas cards I had used as toppers, so cut the cards to size, they were cute and big enough to write a quick note inside. All she had to do was sign each card
I also made my uncle's get well card, after asking for ideas of what to do. A female card for all occassions is sooo.... much easier, I had got a couple of 3d sheets but they were female, so ended up with this, I admit to borrowing the idea! I'm really chuffed with it and will make several more in this style and not just get well!
He should have got it in the post this morning, he came out of hospital on Wednesday night, unbelievable considering when he went in on Monday night and having 4 dr.s pounce on him and being told 10 minutes later and it would've been too late!?! They treated him for an infection?
Well that's me done, will see what tomorrow brings I guess!

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