Monday, 7 January 2008

As promised I have completed the card using the image I coloured a few days ago so here it is
not sure if I had over done it with the flowers but I think it can carry it.
I also made my uncles birthday card, yes he has a motorbike and does track days now and then with my BIL, so quite appropriate if a little dark!
Well yesterday was so full but we managed everything we set out to. Delivered the cakes first thing, then spent a bomb in Morrisons, think we have everything for Lillie picnic boxes for her party at the weekend, and nibbles for the tables for the parents. After lunch the christmas de-deccing began and went well, and every year we seem to manage to put 1 less box away in the loft, must just pack it better! The room looks soooo...... bare but sooo..... much bigger we now have so much floor space, which the girls still manage to cover with their stuff!!
I even managed to make a rush card order for my friend, which I delivered today whilst up town.
Yes I thought I had a dentists appointment!!! It's not until next bl**dy month!!!! It's even written as Jan.on the calendar! So I popped into the craft shop and got a new ink pad (still waiting for Matthew to cut me some wood blocks to mount my stamps on) also a bag of mixed buttons and a 'thinkable inkable' stamp with various girly wordings on it, was only 99p.
Wo with Lillie at school and Hollie with mum and dad I've had a catch up with the forum and made the above card (previously shown coloured image), and little else!!! It's just nice to have some peace and quiet without a child at my desk crazing for something!!!
Lillie was a pain yet again, this morning she said she had been having dreams about her friends, and ghosts (not nice like Casper) and witches. Why does she have such an active mind a bed time??? Every night we hope for her to sleep a solid night right through, perhaps a nice happy cutey story before bed may help, who knows I'll try anything!


** Isa ** said...

Hooray for Bella!!! I love her love her love her!!! Fab Cards, joanne.


Isa x

Angelswings_2 said...

Love your cards hun, we play a story cd for the kids in their room. That always help to settle them.

Ever since they were tiny they have always slept with music on to calm them.