Saturday, 26 January 2008

Whoop Whoop yippee..... I've won some blog candy from Mandy a very talented lady whose blog I regularly visit for inspiration see link on the left (A little space of my own).
Also another Whoop... as I have been eargerly awaiting the realease of the new Sugar Nellie stamps, and received an email earlier today saying Rachelle's designs would go on sale from 8pm this evening and it's free P&P for loyal customers (moi!) for the first 24 hours! I bought 4 of the little beauties I got : Duck in Boots, Bunny with Flowers, Lola and Simon, and Lola with Bunny, it was a tough decision but knew I didn't want to overspend! Can't wait for them to arrive now, but I do have my new Bella's that I've still not played with yet!
Final whoop (I think!) my Quick Cards Made Easy mag arrived this morning and there I am bottom right corner page 22 looking well umm.... ok!!! It was for sending in a top tip, mine was in regards to making bulk cards.
I was in the mood to make some cards today, should have made my cakes but ended up making 75% of my order late afternoon and will finish them in the morning. I made a couple of cards using Sugar Nellie stamped images, and a couple for my cousins twin boys whose birthday is early next month. I'd had the little characters made up for ages and finally had the urge to use them, when we saw the boys at christmas they had their initials on their jumpers, being identical this helped identify them (you can pick out similarities if you study them!) so I thought I would put their initials on their clothes on my cards, fun heh!?!

Uh oh..... I've just thought of another whoop......LOL!!!! I was looking at the Sugar Nellie gallery and amongst the many wonderful, faberoonie cards mine popped up how excited was I? (It's the dressed up Maggie saying 'when I grow up I want to be just like mummy!).
That's it, I'm done!


Novice Writer said...

Nice cards!! I liked the first one best!

pretty-pink-cards said...

love your cards... well done on commenting on my blog... I will send you a packet of goodies but will extend it to 4 people x

Caroline x