Thursday, 10 January 2008

I am really enjoying card making again at the moment after my 'downer' with only selling the 3 cards at the craft fair. It's these sugar nellie stamps, they are so.... blooming cute!I have made these 3 cards over the course of the day, it takes me so long to choose my colours/papers etc I'd get more done if I didn't dily around so long!
I have borrowed this layout from someone else, all papers/flowers/image have been changed, I just loved it, and when I had made the card 'Mothers day' sprung to mind. So here is my mum's mothers day card already made, I hope she likes it as much as I do!
This got me thinking about 'dress up Maggie' and maybe a mothers day card for myself from one of my darling girls, even though they would laugh at the sentiment!!!!! This stamp is great as you can run wild with the colours, because at that age you wouldn't be colour co-ordinated (saying that some kids would be nowadays!)
Finally for now 'bedtime Maggie' I really wanted to do a purple card so here it is, I added some funky glitter (who knows where I got this from but it's really pretty) to the centre of the flowers and the heart patch on the pj's, cute huh!?!
Earlier this morning I spoke to my friend Kerry from the CM&PC forum and we have agreed to swap a handbag charm, as our styles are quite different I thought this would be nice. I have seen mine already as she has posted it on the forum and I love it! She is sooo.... quick at her crafts, be it jewelery making or cards and they are always fab, the link to her blog is on the left. Here is my bag charm in return
That's all crafty at the mo. I really shoud start on the picnic boxes for Lillie's party on Saturday!
Talking of Lillie she slept straight through last night hooray! She seems to have changed, she is being really helpful and even asks if she help clear up whe n I ask Hollie to put all of her things away. I am liking the change a lot. It's just now Hollie is being a complete pain, and really quite stubborn, still it'll be nursery time soon enough she might get better then.

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Angelswings_2 said...

I love your cards Joanne, I don't have the first or last image... didn't realise these were the ones we spoke about.

Thank you for the compliment too... I didn't know I worked so fast, I guess I just love everything I do.

I think my bag charm is stunning too. Thank you for the swap.