Saturday 24 November 2007

After a bacon butty for breakfast, I had a quick catch up around the forums, then did a bit more beading, it's getting easier with practice!! I had already got the head pins made up for a bracelet so I got that made for Mandy and made 2 pairs of earrings.
One black and silver bracelet

and here are the earrings, the black ones are just like the ones I didn't get to photograph before Mandy snapped them up yesterday. I just love the amber/brown ones I may have to keep these myself they will look nice with the dress mum has bought me for christmas!This afternoon I have baked my 12 sponges ready for delivery tomorrow, boy how I need the money, I am spending as if there is no tomorrow!! I am loving beading but buying all of the bits required to make these delectibles isn't what you would call cheap!

Hollie made me laugh today, she plays with Stripes our latest guinnea pig (my birthday one) like he's one of her toys, she always has him out of his cage and even when he nips her she doesn't care. Anyway she had only got him belted into her dolls buggy and was pushing him around the room, the second time I looked he had been given a handbag and a doll to keep him company!!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Your beading is great, I will have to pull my finger out now to keep up with you!