Wednesday 14 November 2007

We were all organized to go to playgroup this morning when I checked my phone and there was a text from Mandy saying her little boy had been up since 1am with no intentions of going back to sleep and there were knackered. So we didn't go, instead we went round the house for a little while, she liked her engagement card!
I mentioned that I had made another bracelet and a bag charm and that I had them in the car to show my sister, she said she would like a look, and put in an order for a brown bracelet and bag charm, wow my first order!!!
After we left we went to mum and dads as Claire/sis hang rung earlier and said she had the dentist so would be over for a while. I showed her my jewels and she was very impressed, so much so that she had the brown bracelet there and then as a pressie for her mother-in-law abd she has ordered 2 more bracelets, 1 pair of earrings and 5 bag charms!!! OMG I will be dreaming beads!!!!! But it's so exciting!!
Here is the re-worked red bracelet and newly made earrings to go with it, so that's one part of sis's order complete!

Hollie was happily playing in the room this afternoon and when I went to tell her she had to get her boots and coat on to pick Lillie up from school, she had arranged the 'little people' in this circle! It was so cute she even turned the people so they were all looking into the middle at the baby!! She usually lines them up as if they are going into school like Lillie does!!

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