Saturday 3 November 2007

Quick entry tonight, I made my cakes today (12 again) managed to get them made before I had to take Lillie to the party. Would you believe it we were 1/2 an hour early so we went back home for a quick cuppa, I am soooo..... bad with times, I am just like my auntie!! She had a great time at the party, they all looked so sweet in their princess and pirate outfits.
As mentioned we are off to see James Martin tomorrow, Hollie is having the day with my parents, Tia (step-daughter) is having the day with Matthews parents and Lillie is coming with us, I had 'Saturday Kitchen' on and showed her who we were going to see, bless her she keeps forgetting his name and calling him Jamie Oliver (same profession I suppose!). I have just got my books out to get signed but unfortunately I have 5 I somehow don't think he'll want to sign all of them for us, so I'll save some for another meeting!
This is the card I am going to give him tomorrow

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