Tuesday 20 November 2007

Really pleased that I channel hopped last night, as I caught Sara demonstrating the 'ultimate crafters companion', the first thing she made was a notelet folder! Wow just what I needed, as Kay had said she had looked all over for a notelet set with birds on for her mum and couldn't find anything anywhere. She also showed other bits which I hope I will be able to remember!
Here is the set I made with Kays mum in mind
view from the insidethis is the note paper, 6 different birds, 2 of each so that makes it a nice set of 12 A5 sheets and envelopes

I liked it so much that I made this onenot a very clear piccie but here is the note paper, all the same this time, and I have done this as a set of 10and another onethe note paper, again the same and a set of 10these are so easy, and I think a nice little gift, so yes I will be making more of various designs! But I guess I should really get doing some beading, Kay has just emailed trying to persuade me to make a brooch aaarrgghh... I have the fitting but no idea of how to make one, she wants a watch to match so better have a go!!!!!! shouldn't really turn down an order!!!!


Momiji said...

love what you have made there..they will make lovely presents..could you possibly do a tutorial?

Dawn Wheeler said...

What a lovely idea ,love the colours ,Dawnx