Thursday 15 November 2007

Had a mad crazy day today with visitors. Kay came round with her 2 boys just after lunch, her eldest is a little sod, he does something naughty, says sorry and then laughs, I'm sure he's got invisible horns!! Her youngest is happy enough playing for a while and then he starts crying because he wants her to pick him up, which she does and has done every single time he has cried since being born, I've told her many many times she needs to leave him to cry, so he knows he's not going to get what he wants all of the time, but she doesn't take it on board, you would think 3rd time she would've learnt!?!
Then as she was leaving sis turned up, she wanted me to have Ethan for a little while whilst she took Jordan to the dentist, bless him he was ever so good he came with us to pick Lillie up from school which was a surprise for her. But when Jord got back they trashed the living room, well covered it in toys aarrgghh...!! Still it got cleared up. Jordan is very impressed with my jewelery making and wanted some bits to take home to make me a pair of earrings, but as he had no idea what to do we made a pair together, and then he went and gave them to his mum!!! I don't mind, she has now asked for them to be made in every colour!!

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