Friday 23 November 2007

Wow just realized I haven't blogged since Tuesday, must be this busy life I lead LOL.... Wednesday we met up with Mandy and Luke at playgroup for an hour, we have started leaving early because they now do singing nursery rhymes and reading stories and that's not our thing!! Besides mum was coming over so we could go to Debenhams as it was 20% day and then go to Matalan as I had seen some bits in the brochure I liked the look of. Debenhams was pants, I didn't buy a thing and mum only bought 1 little manacure set for sis for christmas!
Matalan was better, I got the girls some lovely longer length tops/dresses with free leggings, and long sleeved nighties ready for christmas morning. I picked out a couple of long top/dresses to wear with my leggings and long boots, I let mum get them as she has no idea what to get me for christmas. Only thing is I now have to wait for them, mind you I could do with loosing a few inches between now and then, but I know it's not going to happen!
Thursday I did some beading as I need to catch up with the orders that I have. I successfully made the 3 bag charms sis wants for the boys teachers. After we picked Lillie up from school we went over to mum and dads as Lillie hadn't seen them since the weekend, so I took my beads with me and made another bag charm, and pair of earrings, pinging bits of metal all around the room when I cut the ends off of the head pins!! We popped up to see Matthew as he had been off work for 2 days (correcting his work hours) he was laying a patio at my aunties around her new conservatory. He had just finished as was clearing up when we got there, it looks really nice, my auntie can't believe how particular he is with his work!!!

Take 4 lengths of chain, attach a clasp
a few beads and heh presto 2 bag charmsand another 2, I really do like the colours of these 2 This morning we were invited to stay a while at school to look at the childrens picture books (books with pictures of them doing certain activities during their school time, Lillie started hers in nursery). A couple of the mums who I was with saw Lillie's hand writing book and couldn't believe how good her letters were, their children only had lines in their books. It is really good all of her letters are readable, we occasionly write words for her to copy but not that often. Her head teacher came and asked if I had seen it and said how brilliant she was and that she had taken Lillie's book along with 1 other pupils to a school meeting yesterday and they thought a year 1 pupil had done it, not a reception pupil. I am very pleased with her and should really spend more time with her reading and writing.
I have also been beading again, and have made a watch for Kay who changed her mind with the red 1 as I said I had no idea of how to make the brooch, she has now requested an amber coloured one!!! So that's done and another black bag charm made. Mandy popped in so I could measure her wrist for her bracelet and saw the earrings I made yesterday and bought those along with the bag charm she had ordered, and has also ordered another 1 for her mum. Oh I do enjoy this!!!!
Kays watch, not a very good piccie but it is lovely in the flesh!

I didn't get around to taking a piccie of the earrings as Mandy snapped them up before I had the chance! Oh well they were easy enough to make more of!

Oh and I forgot last night I made this quick card for the girls to give to their cousin who's 5th birthday it is today. The fab 3d image was made for me by a forum friend.

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