Tuesday 13 November 2007

What an awful start to the day, I had an absolute nightmare. I always leave things until the last minute. After the card demo I did last month a little lady placed an order for 2 bookatrix cards, no problem, 1 was already made and just needed the verse adding, the other needed making but I got all of the elements ready last night. This morning I made the second card, yep lovely, only to then get my ultimate crafters board out for the first time to make the boxes to realize that no matter what I did the cards would not fit, bu**er!!! I couldn't make the boxes any bigger so had to make the cards smaller, so I had to chop the sides off, ruining one card, so with several swear words started to make everything again from scratch. It was a tense morning but I got it done I hope she likes them after all of the stress I caused myself.
The 1st card is for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

This one obviously christmas!and this one I've just quickly thrown together for my friend, she texted me yesterday to say Pete (her man) had proposed at the weekend and she accepted, divorced and engaged in the same week, can't be bad!!! I will give it to her tomorrow when we meet up at playgroup.Thinking about it my nightmare actually started last night, after rushing to Norwich with mum and dad and getting back in time to pick Lillie up from school. I then had to crack into getting the dart/domino food ready combined with getting the tea. Only to just get sat down for tea when the phone rings the opposing team had pulled out so the game was cancelled, aarrgghh...... Poor Matthew bless him, he had egg sandwiches for breakfast and a load more for dinner, Lillie and I had tuna, Matthew has the remaining egg ones for tomorrow and everything else got thrown in the freezer. How annoying heh!?!

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