Thursday 29 November 2007

We sat in the hospital yesterday for what seemed like forever. We were there at about 7.40am and the sign said they didn't open until 8am luckily for us as it was really cold the lady opened the doors about 7.50, Matthew was among the first 8 or so people to be called through onto the ward and we thought yeah this is a good sign, but oh no, when we asked the lady said he was last on the list for his surgeon and it would be late morning, ugghh....
He finally went for his op at about 11.30am and seemed to be gone ages, but I managed to get 2 bag charms and a bracelet made up and another bracelet when he came back. He was drowsy for a while and get drifting off, after eating, drinking, having a little walk etc he was allowed to go at 2.45pm. Mum and Dad had taken the girls back to ours so we invited them to stay for tea. It sure had been a long day!

2 black bracelets made at the hospital

2 bag charms

another 2 bag charms, the one of the left is multi coloured and the one on the right is clear and silver, I love this one and also got really good feedback from my mum and Matthews mum when they saw them, as this can go on any coloured bag. I will be making a few more of these!Today he is a bit sore and achy and sits on tender hooks that one of the girls is going to jump on him or bash him by accident. I have a blinking cold, runny nose, sneezes (my nose tingled all day at the hospital) and have to keep catching my breath, so I haven't really done a lot today. I did have to go to the dentist for a check up, got to go back for a filling (great more expense!) and had to collect a parcel from the post office. Apart from that and the school run, I made a quick card Kay had asked for and collected this afternoon along with the watch and notelet set she had ordered, before she left we showed her Matthews log/tea-light creations and was quite impressed and decided to buy one of those to!!!!

The 'in the nightgarden' card requested by Kay (not my best, but all I could muster today!)and finally a pair of chandalier style earrings I made whilst tea was cooking. I had an order of earwires this morning, I can make 4 more pairs in this style but have got 50 other pairs to!!

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