Saturday 10 November 2007

Today has been quite productive, well sort of! I got up this morning with the urge to do some beading, I had started putting some beads onto headpins on Wednesday when we went over to mum and dads and did a few more yesterday. So with those in mind thought I would get a bracelet made, which I did in between breakfast, dinner, baking half of my usual cake order (she want 10 sponges again!) and tea!! Oh and a visit from the in-laws who wanted me to type up their house details for them, as they have put the house on the market, not with estate agents yet they have put it in a boating mag which isn't out until the 11th but they had someone phone up interested in it already, must subscribe to the mag, boating because they have moorings! I am really pleased with it and so proceeded to make a handbag charm, I wasn't sure about it but mum thought it was really nice when she brought Lillie back from her sleep over, she also really liked the bracelet.
Here is the bracelet, it looks better in real life!

Bag charm, looks nicer in real life also, was difficult to catch right with the cameraOh and Matthews brother came round to do something to Matthews van (he's a mechanic) it's his youngests birthday tomorrow so I quickly made this card for him to take when he left, all Matthew had to do was put some money inside and give it to him to take, did he? no, so it will have to be delivered tomorrow.Matthew was going to do a couple of gardening jobs today but it rained quite a bit as he was getting ready so decided to stay home. He has also been creative today making chistmas log creations which have tea lights in them. They are hard to explain but they look pretty good and got a good review from mum and dad when he showed them. I will take pictures tomorrow and if I get time I will put them on here then.

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