Saturday 17 November 2007

Ran out of time to post yesterday, so catching up today. Well it was children in need day, and it was role reversal day at school, so the pupils were dressed as the teachers and vice versa, Lillie was so excited, she wore a skirt, jumper, tights and shoes, I had made a name tag which I laminated and tied with ribbon which she wore around her neck it said 2chuildren in need, for one day only Miss Lillie, Teacher, and had popped the lenses out of an old pair of glasses for her to wear!! Unfortunately they hadn't reminded people so there were only about 8 in her class that actually dressed up! I wasn't too happy when I read the dates of times of Lillies christmas play, as I've said before the 2 days they are doing it are mad. Yes just as I thought it's in the morning on the Tuesday and the afternoon (right in the middle of Hollies playgroup christmas party, around about the time father christmas arrives!!) aarrgghh...
So anyway we decided to pop over and visit nannie and grandad as Lillie hadn't seen them all week, whilst there I read the local paper, and the garden centre where I am having a stand at the craft fair had a full page advert in. There was a small piece about a crafts event they are having, yes......., and......., it's only 6pm to 8.30pm Matthew had lead me to believe it was an all dayer!!!! I screamed I laughed I danced around the room, it meant I could go and see at least the 1st performance of Lillies play yippeee......
In the afternoon I had made a quick couple of pairs of earrings and finished a bag charm that I had started, not 100% happy with it yet but I have a few different bits on order so may swap some bits around.
Here are the earrings, quick and simple
and the bag charm, these take a bit more planning
I am really enjoying making these and have Kerry (Angelswings_2) from the CM&PC forum to thank for inspiring me with her lovely work.
I also made this card for my nephews birthday which is at the end of the week, now all we need to do is try and think what we've bought him and find it in the loft!

'Mater' is 3d'd and looks fab in 'real life' I think it's one of my favourites, I have made it so that if wanted the 'mater' top will actually come off and could be framed, or just blue tacked on the wall, it would be such a shame to throw him away!

Off to bake cakes (12 of them!)


Angelswings_2 said...

I think you bead work is FAB, you seem to have got the hang of it really quickly.

Loving the 'Mater' Card, was it a downloadable sheet by any chance, my son is a big fan!

Keep up the fab work!

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