Monday 5 November 2007

James Martin is still yummy!

Yes yesterday was the christmas food festival at Spalding, Lincs, where the lovely boy was guesting. We arrived in time to have a look around the stands and make our first purchase of the day, of 2 wonderful baubles that are hand painted and you put a tea-light inside so it lights up and they hang from a stand, one is for myself a christmas pressie from Matthew the other a christmas pressie for mum.

I couldn't believe the people who were already in the cooking theatre already when we got in there there were no seats and I was starting to panic that we weren't going to see a damn thing. Matthew frog marched us down the side and we got an ok position, but not fab. James came revving in in a brand new £70,000 mercedes or was it an audi ummmm... not too hot on cars!! Anyway he loved it and may well be adding one to his 11 car collection! A young girl went walking past us and went straight down the front and sat on the floor, after a lot of humming and harring I followed, then Lillie intentianaly to only take a few photos, but the young girl who had travelled from Luton to see him, asked if we wanted to sit with her and even sit on her coat, bless her!

James was lovely, funny, rude, he told us he has finished Ready Steady Cook as he was fed up with Ainsleys constant interferring!! After his performance he did a book signing and to my surprise we were about 6th in the queue, going out of the place and back in another entrance helped! He asked Lillie her name which she told him, she had one of my books signed and had her photo taken with him, then Matthew had another book signed and I another and also had my photo taken with him, slipping my arm around his waste as we stood together, I was the only person he stood up and had his photo taken with everyone else stood beside him as he sat down, haha...!

Whilst everyone else queued Lillie planted a radish seed, and then joined in with the smoothie making session, which was filmed for Lincs tv so we will hopefully be able to watch it on the net in a few days time. I kept watching the queue getting smaller thinking shall I have the programme we bought on arrival signed, by the time I decided yes he was edging out of the room, and guess what? Yep I was the last one to get a signature!!! I said as we had seen him cook, rubbed shoulders with him and got all of our books signed I wasn't too bothered about seeing his other performances, so we decided to go do a bit of shopping in the out-let bit. We popped back in the food hall, James was on again but it was full so we didn't bother stopping, we bought some sausages and headed back to Matthews mums for tea, before delivering cakes, taking Tia home then picking Hollie up.

Here is the hansome man himselfThese are the four dishes he made

Chicken salad
shallot tarte-tartan with goats cheese
lamb with corgettes
cheesecake with strawberriesand here he is with his very famous spun sugar, his apron is tucked between his legs as he had just been rude about Anthony Worrell Thompson!!!Today I have attempted making my first ever bracelet, it has taken me ages, I am hoping with practice and better stock of beads etc I will get quicker and neater, I am pretty pleased with the result, I may add some more beads yet or maybe a couple of charms, I will see what my friend and very good jewelery maker Kerry says first.

same bracelet different setting!


Angelswings_2 said...

Wow Joanne, you will not be needing me anymore ! Your Bracelet is fantastic, a great first go!

Well done you! Now who will buy from me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bubbles

I am on a JM appreciation forum and was set the task to find the video footage of the event by someone who attended. Can you help?

Well done on your card - bet he will love that cos he loves cars! And well done on being the only one he stood up for.

I saw him recently at Malvern - my rather cough "long" account can be seen on the unofficial JM site at ;-) But he was very funny there too!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Bubbles

Heard from Lemon today to say that you had been in contact with the link! Will check it out directly many thanks. (Its Lemon's site I just pass on my "finds") I am also on a forum where we ummm drool? over the lad ;-)

You make some cracking cards btw! I am not very crafty has to be said - in fact hugely lack in any of those sort of skills. But if it was me I would be thrilled to bloody bits to receive the rather lovely Diamond wedding anniversary one - its very very pretty! Well done and I am sure the recepients will love it!