Friday 9 November 2007

It's oh so quiet...!!! Lillie is at mum and dads having a 'sleep over' Matthew is in the room asleep and Hollie is watching Ugly Betty, it won't be long until she nods off, we let her fall asleep downstairs with us when Lillie isn't here, she gets upset going to bed on her own.
I made a few cards today using sketches and ideas from site I just seem to come accross, but once in a while I find one and think 'ah yes I could have a go at that' and then use the style for various different occassions.
Quite plain, quite prettyA floral number, it's funny I've had these little buckles for months and never used them and now I've used 2 in 2 days!a different take on the same style, I really like this one!Can you believe I actually put a christmas bauble on this one, until I realized what I had done and quickly changed it to the balloon, LOL !!Yesterday I looked at the webstie that were covering the food festival we went to at the weekend and they had edited the whole filming down to 2mins 40secs and to my excitement Lillie appears in it twice, once at the beginning and at the end, bless her she's a star!!! Showed mum and dad this afternoon, mum didn't think James looked as nice as when we met him in the past, she says he is getting fat!!!

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