Monday 19 November 2007

Hubby decided he would like to take the children to Thursford yesterday, as they had been advertizing a winter wonderland and chance to meet Father Christmas (for a price of course!). It was very much like the display they have at Baytree garden centre, but I would say nicer and they also had shows on for you to watch if you wanted to. We got to see a ventriloquist (mmm..spelling!) and a magician, which were both quite entertaining. Father Christmas was lovely, Matthew thought he was very much like the 'real' Father Christmas, but mum and I saw one far better in a grotto in Asda a few years back!! The girls got lovely presents, Hollie had a barbie doll with a set of clothes for it, Lillie had a disney princess case full of make-up and Tia got a very pretty watch.
We called in at mum and dads on the way back, and had tea there, we had bought some fresh bread and bits when we called into Morrisons en-route.
That's about it for yesterday.
Today I called mum early and got her out of bed, to ask if she wanted a trip to Toys r Us so reluctantly she said yes, we were in there just over 2 hours. Hollie made us laugh when we got to the doll section she found a buggy feld up, she proceeded to open it up and then pushed it all over the shop where ever we went, it kept her quite amuzed! I think the 3 wheeler buggy I got her for her birthday to go with the baby anabel we have got will go down well.
Sadly no time for crafting today, hopefully tomorrow!

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