Thursday 8 November 2007

Someone please tie my hands together, that or take my pc away, I can't stop buying stuff off of ebay at the moment it's terrible!!!!
This morning Hollie and I stayed at school for a while as it is book week and we were invited to go in and have a look at the childrens work and read the 'big books' with them. I had made an excuse and told Lillie I couldn't stay but when I stood in the playground I had a guilt trip and thought I had better, it wasn't so bad!
I have managed to make a few cards today, so here they are :
Firstly I put a greeting on this and added an insert for a friend (momiji) from the CM&PC forum for her grandson.
This is using a template given on the Just Bex forum, you get a bonus point for putting something starting with a 'd' on it, therefore the dress!!This card is using the same elements apart from instead of the dress I have added the hohoho sticker.This card was a request from a friend, I'm not too keen on this image but it's all I had and I'm not sure when she wants it for, it doesn't look so bad!This was made from a sketch from a sketch site whose name I can't remember, using sketches, templates etc is so helpful.I have had these father christmas die cuts since before last christmas, I think this is a pretty funky card if I say so myself!
These are the christmas toppers I have made for a swap on the CM&PC forum hosted by my friend Angelswings_2 it was quite fun making these, I hope whoever receives them likes them.and finally, not made by me!!! This is Hollie's picture she did at playgroup yesterday, I must admit I'm terrible I can't leave her to get on with it I have to straighten everything up and make sure it looks ok!! I thought by adding the face it looked like someone looking out of the window!!! The HB on the point are of course Hollie's initials!I can't believe how much of a nightmare the build up to christmas is becoming. I have agreed and am looking forward to doing a christmas fair at a garden centre where a friend works, the same blooming day Lillie is performing in her school christmas play, lucky for us they are doing a performance the following day. Only to find out yesterday that the playgroup christmas party is that day aaarrrgghh....... it would normally be the following week but I think they thought that too close to christmas so there is no playgroup that week. Hopefully we can fit them both in time wise, Matthew is off to so we may have to split up and one go to one do and one the other but I so hope not I want to be able to do both.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Loving the toppers.... just hope I get to keep one ;)