Friday 2 November 2007

I had my first bash at jewellery making this morning, and I am quite pleased with the results. I purchased a mixed bag of beads off of ebay so thought I would start with those, I made this pair of earrings

sadly I can't make a bracelet to match this exactly as there were't enough of these particular beads. I am itching to make some bracelets but have to wait for an order of headpins, jump rings and clasps to arrive then I'll be off!! I have also ordered some larger clasps to try handbag charms as I love these, I have several different ones for various bags!

I also made this card today using a Lily of the valley christmas fairy, after my card making marathon of 17 cards the other day my enthusiasm seems to have gone walkies again! Oh, I have also covered or made covers for 2 notebooks and a post-it pad, but I want to embelish the tops before I post the pics.

As promised here are the pics of the remaining cards I made the other day, the 1st one is using blooms, the rest various christmas themes.A friend (momiji) from the CM&PC forum left a lovely comment in regards to the cards below, she said how the design would be lovely for her grandson, so I have offered to send one to her and she has accepted my offer and chosen the santa, I am going to finish this with a 'happy christmas grandson' tag on the outside and a christmas verse inside. In return I requested a swap of some atc's as momiji does really lovely ones. That's about it for now, off to bingo with mum and my nephew tonight, the prizes are supposed to be really good, food hampers = full house, tins of biscuits/tins of chocolates etc = 1 and 2 lines. No doubt I will come away emptied handed but it should be an ok night.

May not get to post over the weekend as it's a bit hectic, I've got to bake tomorrow and my lady has requested more cakes this week 10 so with my aunties and one for packing up I'll be doing 12 again! Lillie has to be taken and collected from a 'princess and pirates' party of her friends in the afternoon, there's also the shopping to do unless Matthew takes the girls tonight. Then on Sunday I am out all day, I have a pre-booked 'date' with JAMES MARTIN the chef from the tele, he is guesting at a christmas food fair and of course I have to go, I haven't seen him for a while!!!! This will be my 4th time of meeting him and we are taking Lillie with us this time, I think she will like to see someone that we see on the tele, I've told her she can take one of my books for him to sign and have her photo taken with him, of course I'll be wanting mine taken to!

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