Saturday 8 December 2007

Been busy bees again today. Started off by popping out with Matthew and the girls, he wanted to pop into work with his sick certificate, saw my old boss, who is now one of Matthews, he was banging on the window to try to get my attention so he could wave to me!!! Bless him he used to and still does think I am wonderful, and won't let Matthew say a bad word about me even if it is only in jest (most of the time!). He then had a bright idea of popping to the local farm shop as they have a nice christmas display in one of the barns all done around the garden furniture/sauna sheds etc, but boy did we walk round it pretty quickly, it was freeeezzing...... We then popped into town as the local schools were having a maths craft sale thing on, and our school children had made biscuits, luckily I had reserved Lillie's incase we didn't get there, as they had been sold out for over half an hour when we got there!
After lunch Matthew went into the garage/workshop and set to work on a load more of the log/tea light creations, whilst I made a few more jewellery bits.
Yes more black and all so quickly made from a necklace!! I am really loving these sets and if they don't sell, I'll definately be wearing them myself!! The earrings on the bottom left of the piccie I have made for Kay it's her birthday on Monday and when she first saw my jewellery mentioned having a pair of grey/black earrings to go with a bracelet and necklace she had, so I hope she likes these
here are the earrings from the above piccie mounted onto a birthday card. I made some of this style of card a while back and think it's nice as you get to keep a little gift to. I have a few like this to try and sell at the fair on Tuesday.This then made me think about a few other cards I have to make for various people/swaps etc so I carried on and made these, but boy did they take a bit of thinking about, I seem to have lost the card making mojo a bit!

With help from Matthew we have put inserts in all of the cards that were lacking them and bagged them up with envelopes, what a tedious job that is! It's amazing how many I have actually got as stock, we packed up over 40 tonight and they were just odds and sods that I make when the urge takes me, it would be so nice for them to sell well at the fair. I think I am looking forward to it, I just wish it were indoors, we are going to freeeezze........

Well must get this machine switched off for another day.

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