Friday 7 December 2007

Had a day off from crafting, but it's been a busy day again.
After dropping Lillie at school we delivered the cakes to my auntie, then headed into town, we only needed to go into 2 shops and Matalans which is on the outskirts, but Matthew knowing me only too well (as he should, we've been together 7 years!) put a 2 hour parking ticket on the car! So we went in more than the 2 shops, obviously!! We did manage to get a couple more christmas pressies, so we have now finished off his mum's bits and got a bit for my mum and dad but I still need more for them, uugghhh....
We finally got home and had fish and chips for dinner, and then had and hour and a half to get all of the boxes of christmas decs out of the loft, and start getting the tree up before having to collect Lillie. That's about all we managed to get done to, and I don't mean the tree decorated just up with the lights on!!
We went grocery shopping after we picked Lillie up, then got home to a room full of boxes to go through. We finally got finished and all boxes back up the loft about half an hour ago, so now I am going to give Stripes (the guinnea pig a cuddle, as Matthew has just taken him in the room), bless him he keeps biting at the bars to try and get out of his cage, he's so sweet!

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