Monday 10 December 2007

If it's not made now it's not going to be!! The the craft fair looms ever closer, ooo... getting worried now, I hope somebody likes our stuff!! Matthew's been creating more of his log/tea-light creations and has also made a false fireplace to display one on! Looks good!! I've made 2 more notelet folder sets as I think these are cheap sweet little pressies.
for the cat lovers

these monkees are sooo... cute!Also managed to get a brown set of jewellery made, for some reason I think the browns look so nice, one of my faves

Got Lillie's nativity play tomorrow, looking forward to that, must charge the batteries for the camera and delete a load of pictures, so I can take loads of our 'Mary'!! At last Matthew got his butt in gear and has got the camcorder ready to. I have got another ticket to go again in the afternoon, but am now thinking it may be a bad idea taking more time out of the day when we will be pulling our hair out getting ready and packing the car up for the fair. Will have to see how we are doing for time.

Here as promised is a picture of the other gift boxes Matthew has been painstakingly making for me along with the bag/boxes I showed a few days ago, we also have tissue paper to go in them and some confetti stars if required!!

Well I must go and sort my mountain of cards into piles. Doubt I'll get on tomorrow so will let you know how we got on in a couple of days.

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Momiji said...

Hi B..some great stuff as ever! hope all goes well...can't wait to see the photos of Mary. bek would have liked to be Mary but was always doing the narration...they are very special times.