Saturday 1 December 2007

Made my cakes this morning, 11 today, just got the last ones out of the oven in time to take Lillie to her friends birthday party at 2pm. She had a fab time, I was a bit early picking her up and ended up doing the 'YMCA' and the 'cha-cha slide' the disco was great and William's mum told me they had kept the children entertained brilliantly. So she is going to let me have their phone no. and maybe we'll have them do Matthew's birthday party (big 40 next year!).
Designed Lillie's birthday party invites last night so have just printed a load off to hand out at school at the beginning of the week, they even have a perforated section at the bottom that can be returned!! Posh heh, I must've had the paper trimmer a year plus and have hardly used it, but it was a must have at the time!
Managed to get these 3 pairs of earrings made before tea, couldn't get a good picture of them so have posted 2 with different background colours.

Mum and Dad popped round and ended up staying for lunch! Mum got me a couple of sets of beads from the christmas fair at Jordan and Ethan's school yesterday afternoon, she had to take them as Claire was at work. Unfortunately the holes in the beads are really big so I won't be able to do my usual bracelets/earrings/bag charms, but I have been reading up on how to make bracelets/necklaces using cord and knotting it after adding the beads so may try this style at a later date.

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