Thursday 6 December 2007

Where has the time gone today??? It has been non stop. I've been beading like mad, inbetween cutting card, inserts (after printing them) card for boxes etc all for next week. Matthew has been putting together the packs for 1 of the cards I am demonstrating at the dem next week, and also making more of the gift boxes, and attaching my earrings to his own designed hangers!! I've also taken time out to make the 3 sponges for my auntie, along with sausage rolls and mince pies for ourselves, although these are not my best, I made a double quantity of the pastry and it never seems to turn out as nice as single quantity for some reason.
Here's a piccie of Matthews earring holder/hangers, it's the one on the left that made me laugh as I thought it looked a bit like and angel with dangly legs LOL!
Some of the many gift bags, which will have a co-ordinating ribbon tied into a bow round one side of the handle. We do have an alternative to the bags but they are still in the process of being made up.
We popped up town (5 min walk) to get a couple of lengths of ribbon, as my roll had run out, and managed to get a couple of santa hats for £1 each, we had been looking for some decent looking ones for a while to wear at the craft fair next week (thought they would be festive!!!) these aren't bad, I know we could have gotten better for more money but will most likely only wear them the once!
These 2 watches, bag charm and 2 pairs of earrings were all made from an old necklace I pulled to bits! The watch in the left if my favourite and if it doesn't sell I'll be wearing it myself!! Mind you I can soon make myself another one if it does! I am making quite a bit of black as I know that's what I would go for, as it goes with a lot, it may be a mistake and people may look for colour, but I've got several bits made up and I can't wait to see what they all look like on my twig!!!this is another black beaded/charm style watch (I prefer the ones above personally)I know we shouldn't really take time out when we have soooo.... much to do, but I think we need it, I keep getting head aches and I am sure they are stress heads. So tomorrow we are heading into town, I need envelopes, yes envelopes, as I need to put my made cards into cello bags, make up the 2nd demo card packs and if I get any time would like to make another couple or more of my notelet folders. We are also hoping to get the christmas tree up.
They say no rest for the wicked, I think they are right!!!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Loving the watches... now you will have to teach me a thing or two!

I hope you sell well at your fair... and wish you luck!