Sunday 23 December 2007

My baby is 3 today, can't really believe it, she actually isn't 3 until about half six!! Yes I started having contractions at about half six on the Wednesday night at mum and dads, we were all there for tea. They wore off and came back at about half two in the morning, so we rang the hospital and they said come in! Mum and dad had to come over bless them to have Lillie. I had to have my waters broken, had most of the pain killers that were going and had to be on a monitor constantly as I had had Lillie by c-section. The little sod kept us waiting until the Friday evening!!!
She's my little beauty!
We have had an open house today and it's been busy busy busy, Matthew nipped to get fresh french sticks, while I started making the sausage rolls and off course my mulled wine. First time I had made it and it was deee-licious.... yummm...... just made a second batch, and passed on the recipe to my auntie who's got to make some herself! I had looked in several cook books for recipes but didn't want to have to buy cloves, cinamon sticks, etc so found the mulled wine spices in Morrisons and used the recipe off of the box!
Everyone has been left now for a while so Matthew is on the x-box, I'm on here, Hollie is looking after her baby Annabel and Lillie is picking up tips on how to play daddys game! We are off to the pub for tea soon, already decided I'm having lasagna I always do when we go there as it's soooo.... tasty!!!

I've even made this quick card for my friends birthday which is on new years day!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Wish Hollie a Very Happy 3rd Birthday. My own little girl will soon be 3! January!
Your Card is fantastic... I can't wait to get my crafty stuff back out! I have to wait till after Christmas.