Saturday 22 December 2007

Yeah, the christmas shopping is all done!!! We were about bright and breezy this morning and delivered the cakes to Kim. Then headed for town, it was just after nine and we drove straight in, no queing, we called in at Aldi as I wanted a couple of cheap bottles of red wine as I want to have a go at mulled wine! We then went to Morrisons, mum thought we were mad when I told her we were going last night, but we got a car park no problem. A lady returning her trolley said she hoped we had plenty of time as it was manic inside and the tills were queued up, but we had no problems at all.
It's Hollie's 3rd birthday tomorrow so we are having an open house, but being so close to christmas people are busy doing their own things so don't think we'll be too busy! It'll just be family visitors I think, we have enough nibbles to feed a whole village!!!! Never mind all the more mulled wine for me!!! We are going to the pub for a meal in the evening, to really celebrate Dads birthday (71) which is on christmas eve, we would have possibly gone out then but sis is working until about half five six so would be quite late before she could get there.
Well I must go and wrap some more pressies, not too many left to do now.
I hope to post again before christmas day, but if I don't, I would like to wish everyone a very 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS'

I find this picture so amuzing!!!

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