Wednesday 5 December 2007

Well I had it off!!! My hair that is! Yep I went to the hairdressers yesterday afternoon and had my 'pob' and we decided that to get the blonde running through it we needed to use peroxide so I had to sit for yonks with the lovely rubber cap on my head mmmm..... nice! When Kelly first showed me the cut I actually asked for more off the back as the slant to the front wasn't steep enough. I'm pretty pleased with it although seeing a picture of how it was 2 days ago I started to doubt it, but I've had some good reviews Matthew and the girls really like it, Lillie and Hollie keep saying 'I love your hair' bless them.
I popped in to show mum my new do before heading home and she said she had been trying to get hold of me or Matthew as it was the 'family christmas night' at M&S where mum and sis work. They weren't going but my auntie wanted to go so they were going to pick them up, I phoned Matthew and he said yes we'll go to. So I rushed home we had tea and off we went. It was quite a nice little do, with shopping, games for the children, free raffle and refreshments. Both Lillie and Hollie won the find the santa's competition along with another little boy, so they were very excited to say the least!!
Took Hollie to playgroup this morning, we met Mandy and Luke. I gave them one of my bag charms in a fancey box I had made for the raffle, they have a pretty good raffle at the christmas party, which omg is next week. The rest of today I haven't known which way to turn, I can't believe the craft do and my dem are soooo... close, I'm starting to get stressed that I'm not going to be ready. I have made the 4 birthday and 1 anniversary card as asked for by Max. I really haven't got my card making head on at the moment so it was quite an effort to get them done.
First one, she saw this decoupage on another card I had done and said oh there's my birthday card, so I used the same sheet for this

this one has a t-shirt as the topper which says 'wine makes mummy silly' which indeed it does! Max said they could be funny!he also said shoes and handbags, the feather really gives that girly feel to itand this one from him, I hadn't made one of these for ages but she really liked the ones I had made at the time so thought that'll do!and finally the anniversary card, not your usual look but she's not really cutesy, and she really does love her wine!!!! She was actually on the sherry when I called in on Sunday, I think it's sherry when she puts the decs up and port when she wraps the presents!!!!! The flower has a heart shaped button in the centre for the lovey touch!I've also managed to get 2 bracelets, 1 bag charm and 1 pair of earrings made this afternoon/after tea, which I am pleased about, as I think these are the things that may sell better at the craft fair. Matthew bless him has spray painted my twig, which I want set into a pot, from which I am going to hang my jewels, he has also been making several gift box/bags for them (piccie tomorrow), and he has designed a card (he described as looking like a present with a bow on top) to hang the earrings from, it's not at all bad! It was so funny a minute ago when we attached a pair of earrings to one of them, when he held it up it looks a bit like an angel with dangly legs!!! We took a few bits out to the garage and hung them on the branch which is actually hanging upside down waiting for a second coat of paint, and I think they are going to look pretty damn good! It's nice having him to help me.

these look really pretty in the flesha muti coloured bracelet, I don't like this myself but will leave it as it may be to someones taste.

I hope to get some more made tomorrow, especially a watch or two and more bracelets. But I have baking to do for my auntie, and have the urge to make some sausage rolls to.

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Momiji said... manage to fit so much into your busy life !...I love the jewelery you have been doing..have you taught yourself?
shame you don't live could give me a tutorial!