Wednesday 12 December 2007

Quick post as I have to get ready for tonight card demo, I have been making up the 2nd card pack this afternoon. I thought Matthew was being helpful by putting all of the components into the sleeves, until he gave them to me. All of the bits were chucked in in no order and taped up willy nilly, I was not amuzed, his attitude was 'well all of the bits are in there it doesn't matter what they look like!' well to me it does, so I have had to undo and re-do approx. 75 card packs so they now look presentable aarrgghh.....!!!
This morning was Hollie's playgroup christmas party, she had a good time, and father christmas gave her a beautiful 'Mary' dressing up costume (with baby jesus!). There was also a special guest at the party, Jake from the Tweenies!! Both Mandy and I won a couple of times on the raffle so we were pleased, especially as I chose a bottle of asti yummm... just right to have with our christmas dinner!!!

Lillie was fab as 'Mary' in her school nativity yesterday, I thought I was going to be ok no tears, but as soon as she walked in I welled up but managed to control myself and just beamed the whole way through it. I took Hollie in the afternoon and saw it again!! It was so sweet her and Matthew 'Joseph' were so good they walked in and he had his arm around her, oh it was sooo..... cute and yes the bit where they 'looked at each other and smiled' was a huge aaaaaahhhhhh..... moment!!!
The christmas fair we did last night was ok, it was feeezzzingg..... my feet were like ice within about half an hour of being there. Lucky we were next to the stall that sold hot mulled wine so I had a couple, we also had chocolate covered marshmallows from there to!! Matthew out-side me with his chrismas logs!! I think handmade cards are old hat now, unfortunately, the craft fairs I have been to as a visitor nearly every other stall if not a card stall has some cards on it, it's a shame as it's something I enjoy doing. But I took 280 cards and sold a whopping 3. I did sell a few items of jewellery but not an awful lot which was a bit disappointing, but I guess it's all trial and error and it was only our first attempt.
my end of the stall

my handmade jewellery tree!We sat and ate chips in the car when we had packed up, Matthew sure does know how to wine and dine in style LOL !!!!! Full of romance !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a shame that you only sold three cards, your stall looks so good. I love the tree, did you make the things hanging from it - I cant quite make them out.
Better Luck next time Bubbles.