Friday 14 December 2007

I gave up last night trying to put a quick post on, bl**dy computer decided to start a scan and slowed the thing to almost stopping, it's times like that that I want to chuck the thing accross the room!!
Hollie and I met up with Mandy and Luke up at playgroup on Wednesday morning, it was their christmas party, everyone took some party food and there was quite a good spread for them. They played pass the parcel, had a special guest, yes Jake from the Tweenies came to the party!! They have a really good raffle at christmas and when they have the party when they break up for the summer holidays, they give you raffle tickets in exchange for the money you pay for your childs session with the option to buy more. I won early on and chose a bottle of asti, my fave and just right to have with our christmas lunch! Mandy won 2 if not 3 times and I won again at the end! Father Christmas turned up with lots of lovely pressies (playgroup pay £3 towards the pressie and you can pay extra up to total of £10 and choose the pressie, then they get them and wrap them), Hollie had a wonderful 'Mary' dressing up out-fit it even came with a baby jesus!! She put it on as soon as we got home and Lillie narated the story!
Matthew and I then spent the afternoon making up the 2nd card packs for my demonstration, I left Matthew to put the components in the packs and do them up, only for him to give them to me, and when I looked he had just packed the bits in willy nilly. OMG I went mad, I wished I had done them myself they didn't look at all presentable and I had to undo them all and re-pack them, and yes when I checked he had done the same with the 1st card packs a few days before aarrgghhh.........!!!
So off I went with the car packed up with 2 storage boxes full of cards and baskets to display them in, another storage box with the cards packs, extra peel-offs incase anyone wanted cards personalizing, my demo kit. Matthew and mum said I should take my jewellery which I did, but I left them in the car as one of the ladies I spoke to said the ladies don't always take much money with them! I did however drop it into my speach that you can put anything and incorperate anything into card making and showed one of my gift cards (with the earrings), and said that I had now taken up jewellery making, to which of course I was wearing one of my bracelets and pairs of earrings haha... crafty...!!!
The demo went very well, they really liked the 2 cards I demonstrated and we had a question and answer session at the end. Then a lot of the ladies had a look at my cards, one lady in particular nearly came running over to me with one of my notelet sets and had a look at my bracelet and thought it was wonderful, I told her I had my jewels in the car but didn't want to be too cheeky and bring them in, she told me to go and get them, she would love to have a look ass she was very interested in a bracelet for her daughter. So I went and got it and in no time I had ladies with cards and ladies with my jewellery sets throwing money at me from all directions!! Wow it's so nice to see people liking your work. The lady that asked me to get my jewels bought 2 bracelets and has taken my number so she can have more, and I have taken an order for a couple of cards. I made 3 times as much as I did the night before at the christmas fair!

Yesterday we wrapped presents nearly ALL day, and we still have loads to do, I had 3 glasses of sherry and to say I was getting a little bit merry would be right! We treat ourselves to a chinese for tea which was yummy. I drank 2 pints of water before going to bed, someone a lad from the RAF told me to do after a night on the drink and you never wake up with a hang over, and it really does work! Only problem was I was up several times in the night needing to pee!
This morning after we took Lillie to school we headed off to Haddenham as I had seen an advert in the Crafts Beautiful mag for a bead shop there, what a mistake, I spent £30 on next to nothing, I could have had LOADS more had I have shopped on ebay, but it was the appeal of seeing all of the different beads in the flesh so to speak, plus I got some ideas for necklaces, but boy did they know how to price them. We then called in at Ely and had a quick look around, Matthew wanted a few ideas of what to get me for christmas so I had to point some bits out for him, I showed him various lip glosses in Boots but they seemed so expensive, I don't like spending loads, so said look out for the special offers with freebies etc oh I do love a freebie! Then as we walked past New Look we saw a lovely set (double ended with a pouch) for a fiver so sent him in to get it, saving him a few pound he can now put towards something else haha...........
We got back in time to pick Lillie up from school then did a quick grocery shop. Then straight home, pack it all away and then get cracking on the diary and business card folder Kay wanted me to cover for her for a pressie for her dad. She had been pestering me all day for them, she really winds me up at times and thinks I just sit here waiting for her to want something done/made. I do have a life, be it not that exciting most of the time but this past couple of weeks have been totally manic. I am so glad it's now done and gone. Now my time is my own, and I've still got my own cards to do!!!
Matthew covered the diary whilst I coverd the card folder, they don't look too bad.Tomorrow I am off to the opticians for an overdue eye test, I desperately want some new specs I have never liked the ones I wear now and they were expensive designer ones, I am only looking at the cheap ones, and nipped into the shop in Ely to pick a pair, I just hope they have the same ones tomorrow as I am going somewhere else.

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