Saturday 29 December 2007

We had a tidy up day yesterday, not that you could tell from the state of the living room with all of the girls new toys!!! We had a visit from an old friend and her boys and new man(he's actually an ex from before she got married), he seems quite nice. Other than that nothing much happened. Oh we did have a few games of hungry hippos LOL!!!!
Today I have had the urge to do a bit of crafting, and after having a look around some of the sketch sites I have on my favourites list set to work on some scrapbook pages, something I haven't done for a long while.
This is one of the sheets, entitled 'A snack for Santa' the girls left a sausage roll and a glass of milk and Lillie also left her wish list for the big man to read! (she wrote it all by herself, not bad for a 4 year old, well soon to be 5)

Matthews daughter arrived this afternoon (the joy!) she has now opened her presents and showed not one bit of excitement at receiving a new television from us (ungrateful little sh*t), at least when she is here she plays with the girls, well that is when they are not arguing or fighting over something, then she sulks (like Kevin the teenager from the Harry Enfield show)!

Must go, time to sort some tea!

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