Monday 31 December 2007

Well it's nearly time to kiss goodbye to 2007 and welcome in the new year, I wonder what it has instore for us?! A few things I know that will happen are: Lillie will perform in her first ever ballet show, Hollie will start nursery after Easter, Matthew will turn 40, and hopefully all going to plan we may even put the extension on (4th bedroom, can't wait, then after that a conservatory to!).
I hope to get into the right mind set to loose weight again, I started last Feb and lost 1 1/2 stone and although no slim jim and not even a dress size smaller I felt I looked better. Sadly the mojo went, we stopped going to weigh-ins about October time and I crept back up to my starting weight before christmas and have since put on more aaarrgghhh................ we have just had our last chinese of the year to! That's the bad thing living where we do, we are in walking distance of the chinese and chippies with pizza, kebabs etc all a little further walk away!
We haven't done a lot today, I did actually, hope you are sitting down, do some ironing (shock, horror!) Matthew has been trying to get on top of it with the hope that I will keep it going, he won't do any of my clothes though, as I am too finicky, if I've ironed something and go to hang it and it still has creases I will iron it again!!
Anyhow enough of my rambling.
I would like to wish everyone a
may many good things happen and it be a really good year!!!
See you next year!

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