Wednesday 5 December 2007

Oooooo... great news, I have been given the oportunity to put some of my jewellery in the hairdressers where I have my hair done. I wore a pair of my earrings and in conversation mentoined I was now doing jewellery and she was really keen for me to take some in, her mum was there at the time decorating the christmas tree and said she knows why she is so keen, because she will have some herself!! So I'm going to get christmas out of the way and take some in in the new year.
And would you believe today when I took the bag charm (prize for the raffle) up to playgroup, the organizer said I am more than welcome to take some in and display it there to! and also if I have an advert or flyer I can put it in their information book.
How amazing is that, I didn't have to ask!

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