Monday 3 December 2007

Spent most of yesterday at mum and dad's, yep we decided to crash on them for dinner and tea, so glad we did to because we had a scrummy lamb roast for lunch mmmm..... yum!! Sis was there with her boys to and the children all played pretty well together without too many tears, which makes a change.
Today we went shopping after we dropped Lillie of at school, I decided that I would have a recordable dvd player for christmas (yes not crafty, but I do also want some stamps I have my eye on!) Matthew wanted surround sound to as the dvd player we have has it already, so I said we would go halves on them with the money we get from his mum and dad. When it rung through the till, with the discount off the dvd player and s.sound combined came to what we thought we were paying for the recorder alone, so not at all bad!!
We just got home in time to pick Lillie up, then Matthew went and had his hair cut, leaving me to unpack the shopping and start the food for the domies game tonight.
So no crafting done at all today, but glad I managed to get the last 2 baskets the same as the ones I already have from Dunelms, all ready for my craft stall next Tuesday. Oh I also phoned the chairlady of the group I am demonstrating for next week to ask how many ladies there would be, to make up the card packs, I nearly fell off my chair when she said they have 59 on the books, but thankfully they don't all always turn up!!!!!! She said about 30, so I've got my work cut out making all of those kits up this week!!
Well time to get the girls into bed.
Off to have my hair chopped tomorrow, I'm off for a 'pob' I want blonde in it but still can't decide on 2 bold strips at the front round my face or highlighted all allover. Only time will tell, what happens on the day!!

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