Tuesday 18 December 2007

We have a new addition to the family!! Yes my dear dad woke me up ringing away on the door bell this morning at 7.10am bless him, he delivered our new guinnea pig! My sisters friend wanted to give her away as her children hadn't paid her any attention for weeks, as they now have kittens. I said we'd have her, especially being a girl, so she had her over night and gave her to dad this morning when dad dropped mum off at work.
Our new piggie is called Candy(floss) and she is so placid, you can sit her on your knee and that's it she just sits there! I have introduced her to Stipes and they are now forming a friendship, even if Stripes only has 1 thing on his mind at the moment, naughty boy!!!!!

what a cute couple!!Lillie had cooked christmas lunch today at school, sounds like it went well, especially the ice-cream christmas trees!! They then had their christmas party and had a visit from Father Christmas. She came out of school with a bag full of cards, gifts and things she had made, so the first thing she did when she got in was open them all!!

I have actually written my christmas cards today so they are all ready to deliver, finally made the last personal card didn't make too many as I popped a picture of the girls in with some as this was the quicker option.

Tomorrow me and the girls are off to town with dad, I've got my new glasses to collect, oh I hope I still like them! May get a couple more additional pressies if I see anything that takes my fancy!

If you want to have some seasonal fun click on this link, this game is sooo.... much fun and passed on by a friend on the CM&PC forum http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowArticle.action?article=1193315635925&site=odw_en_GB&campaignId=12000200

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