Monday 17 December 2007

Got a bit more christmas shopping done on Saturday afternoon when we went into town. We had to go as I had an eye test booked, was disappointed when I couldn't find the pair off glasses I liked in the Ely store, so asked and they still couldn't find any in the store cupboard aarrgghh..... So they took the lens measurements and said they could order the frames in, until that is they started looking through boxes from an earlier delivery and yeah they found a pair, so they should be ready today, but I am going to cadge a lift in with dad on Wednesday when he goes to pick mum up from work (saves my petrol!!).
Can you believe we do 80% of our christmas and birthdays shopping on boxing day and a few days after in the sales, and here we are just over a week away to christmas day and still have bits to get. Mind you it is only for my dad and he is soooo... awkward as he 'doesn't want anything' and it doesn't help having his birthday christmas eve!

Yesterday I finished baking my cakes, made a bracelet and a couple of pairs of earrings so sis could have a bit more choice, as my box was getting a bit thin after Wednesday night. Then we took the wreath up to the grave for Matthews brother, delivered the cakes and went to mum and dads for tea. Couldn't believe it we had turkey with sausages wrapped in bacon! Dad decided to get a turkey crown when they were out, it's usually him who doesn't really want it on christmas day!!!!!! It was yummy.
Last night after baths and putting the girls to bed Matthew and I made the pressies for Lillie's school teachers, she had requested the boxes of chocolates that we made for her teachers when she left nursery. I made a smaller box and put a pair of my handmade earrings in for her favourite teacher as she helped us settle Lillie at lunchtimes when she didn't want to go.

This morning I have quickly made the 2 cards for an order a lady gave me at the demo on Wednesday, she wanted a flower for her mum and said if it wasn't too christmassy her mum would probably keep it up all year, and a card for her grandson who likes football, this was more of a challenge as I don't have too many boy things. I hope she likes them. I am going to attempt to get my personal cards made, written and finished this afternoon. But first I must go to the post office and get lots of stamps.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Lovely cards, and great gift boxes... I would love to know how to make those ones!!
Keep up the great work :-)