Friday 21 December 2007

Ooops... just realized I haven't blogged since Tuesday, things have been a bit hectic the past couple of days.
Wednesday was Lillie's last day/morning (leaving early as the school was shutting so the teachers could go to a memorial service for one of the children that passed away 2/3 weeks ago). She was a little sod getting ready to go so I was glad to get rid of her for the morning! She came out in a better mood and with this greenery arrangement

Lovely isn't it ???!!!...

We cadged a lift into town with dad, I had to pick up my new specs, yep I still like them, but I would have liked some Gok Wan ones they are funky but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money (especially this time of year!). I got Matthew another pressie I was going to get aftershave but when I was waiting in the queue in WHSmiths I saw a Everything you need to know about DIY book on offer and thought I'd get that, it's full of useful info on the structure of the house, wiring, plumbing, electrical work etc he should like it!

Yesterday I made a cake for my Auntie who was supposed to collect the one I made her at the weekend, but it still sat here Wednesday so I cut it up for Matthews pack up, and made her a fresh one! I also made chocolate topped flapjacks, but mine never seem to stay in one piece and always crumble, ah well the girls like it! Kay nipped round with Hollie's birthday pressie as she won't be able to make it on Sunday. Mandy popped round for a drink and we exchanged christmas presents for the children. Whilst she was here Claire and the boys arrived and they soon started wrestling (showing off) until Claire frog marched them into the kitchen for their lunch! After Mandy left, Claire and I took the children to the local rare breeds farm to see father christmas, they do the barn up with the animals and parts of the nativity story set out around the inside, with baby jesus in his manger in the middle, then there are letter to write and post to f.c. and baubles (cardboard) to decorate and hang on the tree. F.C. was quite good and talked to the children for a while and then gave them a pressie each, I think they were pleased and had a nice time.

Today I have made 6 cakes for my order although she won't want them now until the new year (she will freeze them) as I really don't want to be baking all morning on new years day! We will deliver them in the morning en-route to town, yes I have persuaded Matthew to take us to Morrissons but he says we have to go early or not at all. I also made 2 lots of shortbread, something I haven't made since school I think. Lillie has sampled it and says it's yummy! I have also made my first ever necklace, I am really pleased with how it has turned out, I have made matching bracelet and earrings to. I was inspired by Caro (CM&PC forum friend) to try this stlye, it's one I will definately be making again a few more times!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Now who is getting clever??!!

The necklace & bracelet look fantastic, I have no idea how to make one like this!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas