Sunday 9 December 2007

Started the day baking my cakes (11 again) and in between cakes going in and out of the oven I was putting beads onto headpins. Then as the last cakes came out the lamb joint went straight in! At least whilst that was cooking I managed to get another watch made, which I think is quite nice, this time I have made a clear/silver one, as I feel people won't want a coloured watch, a bracelet yes, but a watch you would want to be able to wear it with lots of different out-fits

After a scrummy lamb roast dinner, I filled and bagged up my cakes and Matthew put the christmas lights up out-side, this year he has gone to town a bit more and put icicles around the girls playhouse with a big santa on a moon, and also a string around the tree at the gate, oh we do look nice and festive!!!

We then delivered the cakes, dropped the girls off at mum and dads and took auntie her cake, showed her my latest jewellery makes, she was very impressed, says I'm a clever little bu**er!! She is a flower arranger and insists that I will take over the wreath making side of things when she gives up, problem is I am too paricular, I made my own wreath for my nan and helped with others, but I was taking so long and doing it just so that they said do it like this and plonked big clumps of greenery in it mmmm.... my way would've looked neater LOL.

Well I didn't get the card made for my cousin so must get that done tomorrow and in the post or else it won't get there for christmas. Also want to get a few notelets sets made, maybe some note books covered and a couple of bracelets done, so keep an eye out for piccies maybe tomorrow!

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